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Worst Year Ever? Maybe not.

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

There is a scene from 'Mum,' a delightful British television series (linked below), that I found quite pertinent in light of numerous comments that I have heard about 2020 being the worst year in history:

Wealthy homeowner: “There’s nothing worse than getting into a Lexus once you’ve been driving a Porsche.”

Renter: “What about genocide?”

Nations and its people have endured (and some still do), civil and world wars, terrorism, human trafficking and other horrific events brought on my mankind, as well as natural disasters caused by Mother Nature. The recent pandemic has heavily impacted many lives, but here's a reminder to keep things in perspective AND remember that people have surmounted the most challenging obstacles and tragic events. Not only have many of these people held onto their hope and optimism during and after atrocious, tragic times, but they have found a way to inspire others in a peaceful and positive way.

For those who seriously believe that this is the worst year ever, maybe it's a good exercise to remind yourselves of the gifts you do have and, perhaps more importantly, how you can make a difference to those who are in need of basic necessities - food, shelter and joy.

Times can be tough, even feel devastating. But history has shown that we can survive an awful lot, pull ourselves together when we are broken, and forge on - sometimes even with a smile on our face.

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