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Pondering Fashion Phrases: Fast/Slow Fashion, Sustainable and more.

Politicizing our daily lives even involves not only who we are, but what we wear.

To avoid you being caught with your pants down during a during a discussion on the price of fashion, or your views on sustainable fashion, here are some popular terms:

Sweatshop: a shop or factory in which employees work for long hours at low wages and under unhealthy conditions: (according to Merriam Webster dictionary).

Fast Fashion: an approach to the design, creation, and marketing of clothing fashions that emphasizes making fashion trends quickly and cheaply available to consumers. (according to Merriam Webster dictionary).

Slow Fashion: A movement essentially based on the principle of creating beautiful, high quality, timeless clothing in a setting that is respectful the welfare of its workers and minimizes negative impact the environment.

(More) Sustainable Fashion: clothing, shoes and accessories that are manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects. (as defined by Green Strategy - a Swedish Consulting Firm interested in projects related to sustainability related to fashion).

Ethical/Fair Trade Clothing: Clothing that has been produced based on ethical standards in the treatment of the makers of the clothing, that have safe working conditions and pay fair wages, for example.

Capsule Wardrobe: A small collection of 33 items including clothing, jewelry, accessories and shoes that encourage you to wear your favorite things every day (not the trendiest things, the most stylish things, or the perfect things … your favorite things). (The term was coined by Susie Faux in the 1970s. This definition is by Courtney Carver - author of Project 333).

Thrifting: Buying second hand items at thrift stores, but also commonly used to describe getting bargains on used items at any venue - such as flea markets, estate and garage sales,

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