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Far from Dull: Roald Dahl. Collected Stories

While Dahl is known mainly for his children's stories, he has a large and rather eclectic collection of funny, satirical and fiendish short stories for adults.

This collection, introduced by British writer and critic, Jeremy Treglown and published by Alfred Knopf/Everyman's Library, features fifty stories by Dahl.

Many of the stories, like Beware of the Dog, draw on Dahl's experience as an RAF pilot in World War Two, while others such as Lamb to the Slaughter and Landlady are beguiling examples of Dahl's insight into the dark recesses of human nature. Not surprisingly, many of his short stories were made into episodes for Alfred Hitchock, Tales of the Unexpected as well as Twilight Zone.

Each short story is a delectable treat to accompany a cup of tea during a break from the obligations of daily life.

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