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Finding Fulfillment with: The Art of Flaneuring by Erika Owen

Updated: Mar 6

It sounds like it involves a delicate cooking process to be found dans la cuisine or, at very least, sitting in a French cafe watching life go by. And, it could, depending on how you apply this inspiring, satisfying verb, To flaneur means to wander with intention or stroll. In this appealing book, Erika Owen reveals that flaneuring has come to mean much more than simply a walk in the city or a stroll through a park. It can now incorporate flaneur-inspired activities - exploring the world via Google maps, taking a vicarious audiobook walk, or keeping a flaneuring journal to exchange with a fellow flaneur.

What is the purpose of this seemingly-pointless intentional walking? To balance our work with life, to help us notice the details as we explore new routes in what would be a mundane routine, reinvigorate our relationship with life and the world, and maybe one another.

This little book loaded with tips and ideas on how you can flaneur wherever you are, with whatever you are doing. It is a lovely reminder to find joy in our tasks, take care of ourselves, be grateful for our precious life, and rediscover our beautiful world.

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