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The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine

This thriller by Constantine is about a young woman named Amber, who has a sad and shady past. She envies the life of the wealthy Mrs. Daphne Parrish and sets her sights on acquiring her life. 

Amber befriends the daft and guileless Daphne by pretending that she, too, had a sister who died of cystic fibrosis and volunteering to assist with Daphne's charity to benefit cystic fibrosis.  Amber learns everything about Daphne's life that will help her move into Daphne's shoes . . . including how to win over Daphne's handsome and powerful husband, Jackson.

Amber deceives and manipulates both Daphne and Jackson in her quest for life that she has always wanted. But, will she be happy when she finally gets the life she deserves?

A fast-moving, engrossing story that is told from both Amber and Daphne's perspectives. 

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