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Finding Family and Romance in a Quaint Town: The Magnolia Sisters by Michelle Major

Avery Keller is a woman scorned by love and a father she never knew, shows up in the quaint town of Magnolia, N.C. to collect her inheritance and get out of town. But, (surprise, surprise), Avery ends up staying to support her two new half-sisters as they figure out their father's estate. The hunky firefighter neighbor adds to Avery's turmoil about getting embroiled in another relationship. However; news of Avery's past relationship disaster threatens to destroy what sense of belonging she was starting to feel in the close-knit community.

This story, with its quaint little town, is reminiscent of titles by Debbie Macomber. The characters are well-developed and their dialogue engaging without being too sappy. An easy read when you are looking for a sweet, feel-good romance.

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