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Electricity & Model T: Edison Ford Museum Fort Myers, FL

When American inventor Thomas Edison discovered Fort Myers, Florida in 1885, a lightbulb must have clicked on, because he bought thirteen acres of land. He proceeded to build a winter estate that included a home he called 'Seminole Lodge,' a laboratory and gardens. Edison's friend Henry Ford visited Seminole Lodge in 1916, purchased the adjacent property adjacent and built the bungalow estate they named, 'The Mangoes'. Today, the beautiful 20+ acres, located on the Caloosahatchee River, showcases both Edison and Ford's residences, in addition to Edison's Laboratory, the Edison Ford Museum and sprawling garden spaces on which events take place year round.

There is an entry fee to access the grounds, as well as the museum, but well worth it if you are looking for a place to peacefully saunter and/or hang out for several hours. But, if you don't have time to stroll, there are some impressive Banyan trees and stag horns around the parking area worth stopping in to see at no cost. While it also doesn't cost a penny to visit the nursery, you may be tempted to purchase some of the exotic and native plants, or buy a souvenir at the gift store.

Rich with history and nature, this is a delightful place for those who love history, automobiles and the outdoors.

Scenes from the Museum and its substantial collection.

Scenes from the tour of the quaint private residences.

A meagre sample of the spectacular views and lush landscaping on the property.

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