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Grand Farm, Great Food at Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Humane and sustainable farming makes for happy livestock and healthy food for people who don't want a vegan diet, but still want to support humane farming methods.

Located on a sprawling 100-plus acres in North Fort Myers, Florida, Rosy Tomorrow Heritage Farms and restaurant was a concept hatched by Rose O’Dell King - a former sheep farmer, French Culinary Institute trained chef, certified Sommelier, and food and wine columnist.

The beautiful restaurant, that usually holds 90 people in the gorgeous, large, open air dining room featuring community tables is not currently open due to COVID restrictions, but there are whispers that it will re-open in October, 2020. In the meantime, members of Rosy Tomorrows have a chance to order the limited number of boxes of goodness that they create almost monthly for various celebrations holidays and events. Each time, the contents are slightly different, but all delicious and mostly gone by day one of ordering.

We ordered the Rosy Tomorrow Labor Day Holiday Box and it was filled with delectable goodies such as: two empanadas (from Empanada Girl in Sarasota); a head of lettuce, chickpea-strawberry and feta salad, pasta puttanesca with garlic caper tomato sauce, cottage cheese from Ohcheesee Creamery, butterscotch pretzel cookie dough, four ounces cheese, two pounds 100^ grass-fed beef and sourdough bread, and much more, including recipes and serving suggestions.

Rosy Tomorrows also has numerous delicious-looking plants and vegetation on the property, which they source for many of their dishes. In a regular year, they offer tours of the grounds and are happy to have volunteers help out around the farm.

Rosy Tomorrows is a wonderful place to visit, not only for the food, but to walk around and see the cows, pigs and chicken, among other animals. Also, there is a tree for eagle watching in the spring, when the eagles return to their nest in one of the trees on the farm. Hopefully, if the restaurant is open and you have reserved a spot, you will be able to sample the exquisite organic meals, hearty, homemade sourdough bread, delectable cakes and divinely thirst-quenching teas.

After spending time on the farm, you can swing by Echo Global Nursery, also located in North Fort Myers, to see what is in their gift shop and nursery. Check out my review on Echo's mission and tour in my review:

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