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Twelve pretty, practical, tropical travel shoes for women.

When you are on holiday, it's important to be comfortable and have happy feet that don't make exploring a painful experience. Here are twelve of my favourite shoe styles that keep my feet comfortable as well as stylish. While the styles here are of women's shoes, most of the brands listed make shoes for men and women.

In tropical climates like Southwest Florida, it's warm and humid for most of the year (unless you live in Florida and are freezing when the temperature drops below 65 degrees Fahrenheit/18 degrees Celsius). Sometimes it rains, other times it can be muggy, other times it's perfect, so you want shoes that are versatile.

The shoes that I have listed here have arch support, cushioning, let your feet breathe, have some water resistance, are pretty adaptable to various fashion styles, and come in a range of colours and price points for various styles.

Cloudstepper by Clarks

These lightweight flip flops boast fabulous cushioning, soft straps and are great to walk around in, get caught in the rain, and come in a vast range of styles to match your wardrobe.

Reggae Fest by Sketchers

Sketchers have lots of styles and colours. The Reggae Fest is a great slip-on that provides support, an athletic shoe feeling without being bulky. Also, it provides lots of ventilation and the insole can be replaced easily.

Octopus by XtraTuff

This leather sneaker provides some water repellent qualities so is great if you think you might get caught in the rain. The shoe is sturdy and well made. It is comfortable from the beginning, although it is even more comfortable once it's broken in a little and the stiffness dissipates. The insole can be easily removed and replaced.

Kaekae by Olukai Women's beach sandals

Olukai is all about "Hawaiian-inspired" lifestyle shoes. Olukai also prides itself on the craftmanship of their beautiful, practical shoes. This leather beach sandal has great arch support. It's not for water use but provides a great extra pair of shoes to pack in your suitcase if you want to be stylish and beat the heat walking along the beach, or around town.

Perhuea by Olukai

If you want the convenience of slipping your shoes on and off, but also want a shoe you can walk in without it slipping off,

this shoe is for you. The back of these loafers can stay upright as shown in the image, but is designed to fold in to become a slip on when you're feeling like you want less structure. A great travel shoe with two-for-one design.

Tobago White by Soft Spots

Soft Spots makes shoes that are comfortable and stylish. I like Soft Spots because they have a real buckle (no velcro). This might be a hassle for some, but if you want a well-built shoe that balances comfort and a classic look, this brand may be for you.

Tatiana by Soft Spots

Tatiana is another one of my faves by Soft Spots. It has the same decent arch support, a structured shoe and is my favourite when I want something a little dressy, but still cradles my feet for hours.

Trang by Born

This minimalist design by Born is very comfortable and has given me no issues even after hours of walking. It's slim and a fabulous pair of shoes to pack in your suitcase so you have an extra pair of shoes. There are lots of colours to choose from in this style.

Nadalie Luggage by Eurosoft

Eurosoft sandals provide support and style when you are on the go in a tropical climate. I usually don't like velcro, but I can slip my foot in and out of my shoes without detaching the velcro buckle attachment. Eurosoft has a wide range of styles so you can get different styles and avoid a 'strap suntan.'

Octopus ankle deck boots by XtraTuff

These cute, sea-themed ankle booties by XtraTuff are made of rubber and are good for boating and walkabouts through the national parks or in the city during the summer rain showers.

Water shoes by Hitave

If you are spending time in the water, it's a good idea to protect your feet from getting cut up by oyster shells -- that can cause serious infections if not taken care of properly. These shoes provide a durable sole and a light mesh that help them dry quickly. Water shoes are also great if you plan on kayaking and boating, because of the non-slip features. They pack down almost flat, so are an easy addition to a full suitcase.

Rose sandal by Keen

If you are tight on space, Keens are great all-in-one-shoes. They can be basic sandals, but also provide stability, support, traction, and are waterproof. They are perfect for travel and come in various styles depending on how rugged or delicate you want to be.

That's my run down of shoes that are fabulous travel shoe options for comfort and style in warm climates. A combination of these are sure to have you prepared for a visit to beautiful tropical travel destinations like Florida. Leave me a comment and let me know if you have any other brands you like, or if you have tried any of the listed brands. Happy exploring.

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