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Tropical sunshine and storms bring clarity to Covid chaos

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Our view on life makes a difference to how we process the world around us and how to cope.

When my son and I tested positive for Covid last month, I didn't expect much more than a cold. I was wrong. Thankfully, he recovered quickly, as though he just had a summer cold. My brain fog, led by a battle with fevers over 102 F, lasted on and off for a couple of weeks, morphing from seemingly benign cold symptoms of cough and fatigue to an ER visit and a diagnosis of an infection which was treated by antibiotics. When this continued to linger, another trip to the emergency room and low oxygen levels had me admitted with pneumonia.

For five days in the hospital, I struggled to get myself in front of my window. I squinted against the ever-changing light of the sky, watched the traffic, the swaying palm trees and life moving around me. And, I really believed that it helped me get through those days of fatigue, fog and a sense of helplessness. There was something uplifting about the sunshine that made the nurses and doctor smile when they came into the room and stood beside me, looking out at the panoramic fourth four view that entertained me each day as the loud exhaust fan and the 68 degree room numbed my senses.

So. what's this post about? It's about sunshine and rain and seeing the beauty of the weather here in Southwest Florida. I was born in Hong Kong, where the sun shines and the skies are usually warm. I'm glad that I had the self-knowledge to know that I should return to a place where the climate would be similar, and uplift me. I really think that I can say my window to the tropical world waiting for me made a huge impact on my recovery - even when the afternoon storms made their appearance.

Here's to the beauty of Southwest Florida - I'm glad I found you.

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